Finding Hidden Springs

Maggie and I met Saturday in Pendleton, OR with a plan to shoot in some lovely hand beaded jewelry made by Weave Gold. We took off for a hidden hot springs I had heard about which was about an hour out of town. With a seemingly sold plan in place, we drove to the middle of no where without knowing exactly how to get to this place, but with a general idea. This "about an hour" search took three. We drove up and down dirt roads, up and down more dirt roads, annnnnnnd up and down more. No Luck. (we only knew which road to take from the main and had a phone picture for scenery reference... yes, as you can imagine, we were trying to look for certain looking trees and background queues  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  AND as helpful as it would have been... we had no map).

We finally came across a camp accompanied by a local hunter and asked for directions. Im not good at remembering step by step directions, neither is Maggie. But off we went again learning that we had to go all the way back to where we first started because our current location was way off. Looking for "big boulders" "a shallow swimming hole" and "sharp turns to the right" "another sharp turn to the left" and finally, "a rope tied to a tree" would mean that we had we made it.  

Back in the car we went for another hour determined to find this spring - going over the mans directions in our memory hoping there wasn't a step we missed. We were approaching sunset and had not taken a single picture. With little hope left we were saddened but made the decision to turn around and head home.

On the way back I spotted a very small string tied to a tree (how? i don't know, because the man said a rope). But we made it to Hidden Springs with 20 minuets of light left and very relieved souls.

Ahhem.... and to add to our wonderful venture, there was an old, creepy man accompanied by a six pack of bud light making awkward small talk behind Maggie in all these. It was great.

I hope your eyes enjoy this set because we definitely worked for it!